Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sketching an Amaryllis As It Grows

A few weeks ago I purchased two amaryllis bulbs.  They were packaged in their own pots.  I opened and planted both on the same day.  One started growing a stalk almost immediately, and I did a couple of sketches of it.  In fact, it started growing two stalks, and one of them is starting to open into the flower.  I was expecting a red and white one, from the picture on the box, but it seems to be more pink.  I did a few sketches of it in various sized sketchbooks.  The other didn't show anything until a couple of days ago.  Then I saw a leaf poke it's way through, and then a bud appeared.  I decided to sketch both plants together, which required a tall, narrow format.  This is in my Handbook Journal done with my new Preppy pen.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Digital sketching

On the way home from a trip to California in July, I discovered a free digital art app, and entertained myself on the trip sketching beach scenes from memory.  I played with this app occasionally, doing about 20 sketches.  Then my sister Joan told me about Artrage, and today she showed me how to get started using it.  First I painted the white rose.  I would have been very happy with it if all my black ink lines hadn't smudged.  Just like real ink.  LOL!  Then she showed me how to use layers.  That would have solved my problem.  Must try this one again.
Next I experimented with layers on a sketch of an angel Christmas ornament.  What fun!  I know what toy I'm going to be playing with the next few days.