Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Myrtle Beach Sketches

Last week I attended a collage workshop at Myrtle Beach with  my sister Joan.  We also did some sketching on our own, both before and after the workshop.  The first is a sketch of a palmetto behind Marlin's Restaurant and pier.  The second is a shrimp boat - I'm not too familiar with shrimp boats, and they have a lot of masts, arms, wires, ropes, chains, and assorted "stuff" that's hard to paint when you don't know what it is, and what it is for.  I sketched what I thought might be important.  The last one is a little watercolor of some palmettos and the marsh in Murrell's Inlet.


  1. Nice sketches from our trip. I think for not knowing what all that rigging was on the shrimp boat you selected what was important. Love the palms in the bottom sketch.

  2. Thanks! I really need to sketch more boats!