Saturday, July 5, 2014

Folding Journals (continued)

Today we went to The Gardens at Wyckoff to sketch instead of going to the pool because it was cool this morning.  After packing up pencils, pens, and watercolor pencils for each of us, I forgot to pack my watercolors, so I did my (top three images) sketches with the kiddie Prang set I brought along.  Jadyn sketched several roses and used watercolor pencil and graphite.  And she sketched herself at Central Park from a photo.(bottom two images). 


  1. Jadyn has received wonderful genetic ability from her grandma and her great Aunt Joan! I love what she's done!

  2. You both did great sketching at the garden! It just goes to show that those cheap paints work well too. LOL

  3. Crimson Leaves, Jadyn is planning on taking two AP art classes next semester in high school. She has a really good eye for composition.

    Joan, the paints aren't bad, not nearly as intense as prof. watercolors, and not archival, but you can get a decent sketch with them.