Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Amaryllis in pen and ink and watercolor - Day 36 of 75

I just had to do at least one with added watercolor.  My Flexi-Sketch sketchbook is not the best for watercolor though.  The paper buckled a bit which will make sketching on the reverse side a bit more difficult.  Also, I found that all hatching with the pen should be done before adding the watercolor for best results.


  1. Oh, it looks sooooooo good with the color!!! I don't know how you could resist for so long.

  2. Thanks, Joan! Well, yeah, it was fun getting those bright reds and greens in there, but you know, I'm really enjoying the simple line sketches too. Mostly, I'm trying to make it NOT about the color, but this time I just couldn't resist.