Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sketchcrawl #38 - And Day 32 of 75

Today is Sketchcrawl #38.  I did a solo crawl indoors at Paramus Park Mall.  I've done outdoor sketchcrawls in January and they are NOT fun!  I started out with breakfast at McDonalds, and then sketched the people at the table in front of me.  I sketched the "Wild Turkey" sculpture in the food court, and sat at the entrance to Sears and sketched the Lands' End sale.  I sketched a man waiting for his wife.  I liked the decorative tree with strings of lights and hanging red and pink ornaments.


  1. You must have been there for hours sketching. Looks good!!! The mall was a good idea.

  2. I WAS there for hours! I was having fun and would have sketched more, but the mall got crowded and there was nowhere to sit near anything that I wanted to sketch anymore. I wish I could sketch standing up.