Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sketching in NYC

In NYC for the American Watercolor Society Show, I did two sketches in nearby Union Square - one before the show and one after.  The second one never got finished because by that time the vendors were packing up and Joan was waiting for me to finish up so we could catch our train  home.

I seem to be having problems with my images uploading sideways again. 


  1. Michelle, these are fabulous sketches! I love the skyline with all the trees in front; were you in Central Park?

  2. You put so much detail into all those buildings. These really came out great. I wonder why the sometimes go in sideways...

  3. Thank you, Crimson Leaves. It was Union Square Park.

    Thanks, Joan. It was fun doing the whole skyline. LOL! Don't know why about the sideways thing, but I got tired of fighting with it and just let it be. It only happens with camera shots, but my scanner doesn't work so I will have to live with it for a while.