Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sketchcrawl #43 - solo crawl finding signs of spring in my neighborhood

And the "sideways gremlin" strikes again!

While I was taking my walk this morning, I was thinking about where I could go to do a solo sketchcrawl.  I noticed a few little signs of spring, like some forsythia blooming, and Easter decorations, so when I finished, I went back out and retraced my route with my sketchbook, pens and small watercolor kit.  I did four small sketches.  After this past winter, (and snow on Monday), it felt so good to be warm and to see just the tiniest sign that spring was really going to make an appearance this year. 


  1. Lovely spring sketches, Michelle! Love that little bunny in your sideways sketch too. We also had snow earlier in the week, but I think I am starting to at least see buds on the real pops of leaves yet, but the buds are there.

  2. :) Finally I found your sketches. I like the colors.
    Thanks for your comments on, Michelle.
    Well, somehow we were not so alone.