Monday, May 5, 2014

Grandchildren Journal Page

I posted this on my watercolor blog, because it's done watercolor, but it's also done in one of my journals, a theme page for the We Art Journal Facebook page.  The theme was something that we love.  I liked the way it came out so much that I ordered a t-shirt with this design.  I hope the sizes run true.  It's not easy to find a commercial t-shirt that will take eleven names.


  1. Mickey, I can't wait to see how the t-shirt comes out. This is really so nice, and a definite update on grandkids since the last shirt you have.

  2. I think the page is fabulous, Michelle!

  3. Thanks,Crimson Leaves!

    Joan, I got the shirt. It fits, but a snug fit. I'll have to post a picture.